Jacey Bingler, Ecosia

Episode 1 · November 2nd, 2017 · 33 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees. They use over 80 percent of their profits to fund reforestation work all over the world using money made from ad revenue. Their goal - plant 1 billion trees by 2020. The company now plants trees in Burkina Faso, Indonesia (Borneo), Madagascar, Nicaragua, Peru, and Tanzania.

Ecosia wants to create a world where the environment no longer needs protecting, and with averaging 1 million trees every few weeks. Jacey Bingler is Ecosia's Head of Communications. She tells us about her former jobs working in advertising and how she happily transitioned to a job at Ecosia, working to spread the message of tree planting and helping to reverse climate change.


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We highly encourage you to try out Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. Ecosia lets you take one small step to making the planet a greener place by doing something that you do every day - search the web.


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