Nicole Caldwell, Better Farm + Green Matters

Episode 11 · January 1st, 2018 · 34 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

When Nicole Caldwell's uncle passed away and left her a 65-acre hippy commune farm in Redwood, NY, she was undergoing a whirlwind of change in her life. Wanting to connect her passion for the environment and sustainability to what she did every day, Nicole decided to quit her job, move to upstate NY, and start a farm/bed and breakfast.

From one book about gardening and while moonlighting as a bartender, Nicole built Better Farm from nothing. She now has programs to teach people how to homestead and garden, a bed and breakfast, and an artist residency program. They also hold an annual music festival in the summer. The farm is home to rescued animals, like a herd of alpaca and Henrietta the chicken. And after just 4 years, Nicole was able to turn a profit from all her hard work.

Nicole says this was the best decision of her life. She is also Editor of Green Matters, an online media company focused on green news. Listen in as Nicole shares how she got there.


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