Camila López Gómez, Impact0 Mexico

Episode 14 · January 22nd, 2018 · 28 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

Mexico is seeing the beginning of its sustainability movement. Camila Lopez Gomez, Project Manager at Impact0, Mexico's only sustainability organization with an international ISO certification, tells us about the climate of Mexico's environmental movement and the hard decisions she had to make in pursuing her passion.

Impact0 has helped divert over 80,000 kgs of recyclable materials from landfills and they help everyone from small companies to museums figure out how to reduce their impact. Camila travels to different festivals around the world like Glastonbury, learning about sustainability initiatives and bringing that knowledge back to her homeland. Over the years, as Carnaval de Bahidora's attendees have increased, the festival has worked to decrease their impact.

If you're interested in coming to Mexico in February to meet myself and Camila, check out Carnival Bahidora's festival page. You can reach Camila directly by emailing or connecting with her on LinkedIn.


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