Lilian Liu, United Nations Global Compact

Episode 15 · January 29th, 2018 · 27 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

Lilian Liu grew up in two worlds - her home country of Sweden where sustainability and responsible business practices were prevalent - and Shanghai, where her parents were from, which faced aggressive growth during her childhood. China dominates the clothing industry with more than 40 percent of clothing being produced in this one country alone.

This led Lilian to pursuing non-traditional methods of international relations and development. Beginning with interning at the United Nations, Lilian is now the Manager of Partnerships and UN Relations, a program with over 9,000 business partners. She shares incredibly valuable insight about pursuing a career path in international relations and sustainability as well as her view of the global fashion industry.

Lilian will be speaking at the UN on Tuesday, Jan. 30th at the UN General Assembly on Sustainable Textiles. This event is open to all and registration information can be found online. Connect with Lilian on LinkedIn or email here at

*DISCLAIMER: Lilian is sharing her own views and opinions and is not representing the United Nations or its programs in any way.


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