Nicole Baum, Gotham Greens

Episode 16 · February 5th, 2018 · 28 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

When you think of fresh, crisp greens and herbs, what images are conquered in your mind? If it's warm, lush fields in California and the pain of throwing out sad, wilting leaves you're going to love this chat with Nicole Baum of Gotham Greens.

Using a fraction of the space, water, and no soil, Gotham Greens has build hydroponic green houses on the rooftops of urban cities. Their mission - get fresh greens at a minimal impact to the environment and create arable land where there is the densest population - New York City and Chicago. Nicole talks us through Gotham's programs, where you can go to visit the farm, and the urban projects that are changing the way city-dwellers get their fresh greens. The best part is that these greens are fresher, more nutritious, and turn food miles into food footsteps.

Gotham Greens has already taken over most retail stores, from Whole Foods Market to Key Foods and FoodKick, and are looking to expand to the cities with the harshest weather and highest populations. Learn about why this matters and how you can see this working farm within your own neighborhood.


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*Photos used with permission from Gotham Greens

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