Sharon Rowe, Eco-Bags Products

Episode 3 · November 7th, 2017 · 33 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

Former New York City actress turned entrepreneur, Sharon started her journey in the late-80’s when she decided to do something about the wastefulness of plastic bags. She sold 1,000 bags at her first Earth Day festival and was featured on Oprah. She also recently wrote a book guiding others in the art of creating an intentional business.

A registered B Corp, Sharon’s business has diverted 2.65 trillion plastic bags from use. This is an episode not to be missed - Sharon has so many fantastic tips for balancing work and life, shares her highs and lows through building an intentional business, and has years of experience in green business to share.

Check out Sharon’s book, The Magic of Tiny Business, available for pre-order on Amazon. Connect with Sharon on Facebook, Instagram, and skip the single-use plastic at Eco-Bags Products.

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