Elizabeth Fournier, The Green Reaper

Episode 30 · May 14th, 2018 · 30 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

Elizabeth Fournier was a young girl when she dealt with the passing of several close family members. Through her grief, Elizabeth spent time in funeral homes and at funerals as a way of coping with her loss. When she began her career in the 90's as a blonde woman who wanted to work in the mortician's office, she faced a number of difficulties. Now, Elizabeth has written the book (literally) on green burials and is affectionately known as The Green Reaper.

This is an incredible interesting topic surrounding the idea of how we can become one with nature again when we pass and Elizabeth is a fountain of knowledge around helping families plan a burial that is both economical and ecological.


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Check out Elizabeth’s work in The Green Burial Guidebook. Hopefully you won’t need it anytime soon, but for those who are interested in creating a plan for your or a loved one’s passing that is both economical and ecological, you can learn about everything you need in this guide.

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