Blythe Whitten-Snarr, Ocean Hugger Foods

Episode 36 · July 2nd, 2018 · 23 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

Imagine you're at a food event sampling different, innovative food products when you passed by a table serving sushi - ahi tuna nigiri and california rolls topped with more tuna. Maybe you've sworn off fish after listening about the dire state of our oceans and plastics found in seafood, but then you noticed the sign stating that this sushi, Ahimi®, is vegan. You politely wolfed down several pieces and, still not convinced that it wasn’t tuna, ask, “What’s it made out of?” Then you get this shocking answer - tomatoes.

Not just any tomatoes - de-acidified roma tomatoes that undergo a manual process with soy sauce, water, sugar, and sesame oil creating what essentially tastes, feels, and looks like the popular sushi dish - ahi tuna. Ahi tuna, better known as bluefin tuna, is one of the most endangered fish species on the planet, yet the world continues to gobble it up in exponential numbers. This planet-based version of ahi was created by ACF Certified Master Chef James Corwell at Ocean Hugger Foods.

Today’s episode of Trash Talking features Blythe Whitten-Snarr, Director of Administration at Ocean Hugger Foods, a profile company of PlantBased Solutions. A vegan and animal rights proponent, Blythe shares with us the story of Ahimi® and how this innovative food could help change the tide for ocean wildlife.


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