Sarah Sproviero, Lightfoot Market

Episode 7 · December 4th, 2017 · 32 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

If you're a conscious consumer, you'll relate to Sarah Sproviero's plight of the difficulties in purchasing products from companies that are kind to the environment, the people who make them, and you. After being frustrated with the lack of transparency and the immense amount of research that went into finding the best companies, Sarah started the Lightfoot Market.

The Lightfoot Market is dedicated to being a marketplace for conscious consumers and thoughtful brands to connect. They run bi-annual pop-up markets here in New York City and have a directory of carefully vetted brands they trust.

The next Lightfoot Market Holiday Pop-Up will be on Dec. 9-10th at the Metropolitan Suite in Chelsea, NY. We will be there selling the Trashy Beauty repurposed coffee body scrub. Come and say hi. We'll have a free treat for anyone who supports the podcast.

Sarah used to be an environmental teacher at the Audubon Society and credits playing outside and being close to nature as the reason she cares deeply about the environment today. There's a pretty hilarious story that Sarah shares from her teaching days, so you have to listen to the end when she reveals her party trick.


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